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IFC Case Study in Martur Kutahya Plant

(September,2017) Every year, International Finance Corporate(IFC) within World Bank Group examines and presents 10 case studies worldwide. For 2017, one of the 10 projects is Martur from Turkey. Martur trained and employed 500 women in Kütahya plant and offered childcare support for the sustainability of their employment. These activities has been investigated by IFC and has been reported as a case study. 

IFC has announced our report in «Women at the Top Summit» organized by Financial Times on 27th September, 2017, in London.
The official launch of the report has been done in World Bank Group/IMF meeting where private and public sectors representatives participated on 13th-15th October 2017 in Washington DC.
Read more; https://ifcextapps.ifc.org/IFCExt/Pressroom/IFCPressRoom.nsf/0/F05F1924254D807F852581A90032DCE1


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